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When we bought this unique buffet from charity shop, we noticed there is a lot of work to do as there was so many scratched all over it. So we started with sanding all over the piece and then we used wood oil to make the wood shine again. We could not believe there was such a beautiful wood hidden under the aged one. 


We chose this gray bule color by Lick, this color is divine!  It's the perfect shade of Sky or Sea which in the light turns to light blue and in at night time it is more gray. I believe this piece is perfect for an eclectic home and someone who isn't afraid of showing off their unique style.


The middle part of a top can gets open which I believe is one of the uniqueness of this piece. I guess it was used to be a place for gramaphone player.

Sky Sea Sideboard - 2112

  • Height: 87cm

    Lenght: 85cm

    Depth: 54cm

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