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Renovation of 20 Chairs For a Restaurant in London

We have been commissioned to renovate 20 chairs for an Iranian restaurant in Maida Vale, London. As they have been used in a commercial space for a few years there was a lot of wear and tear marks and scratches specially on legs. Some parts also needed fixing and glueing.

We started the work with sanding them to remove previous varnish and all marks. Then we fine sand the pieces and stained them to the shade our client asked us. Then finally all chairs have been sprayed with lacquer tree times with 30% sheen finish.

photo_2022-03-03 22.36.02.jpeg

Vintage Queen Anne Sideboard & Drinks Cabinet Renovation and Re-design

This commission pieces are one of my favourites. My client had these pieces for about 20 years. As she moved to a new house with more contemporary style, she wanted them to get renovated and re-designed with having contemporary look. She also loved having blue paint on them. As the veneer on both pieces were stunning, we suggested having blue stain than paint to avoid losing its wood grains. 

The finish of both pieces were absolutely beautiful and represents the combination of traditional and contemporary styles going well together.


Vintage Dining Table Renovation

photo_2022-03-03 23.38.07.jpeg
photo_2022-03-03 23.38.12.jpeg

This vintage dining table belongs to a client who was passed by her father. She wanted to modernise the table to suits her home style. 

We started the work with some minor fixing and glueing. Then we sand the entire piece and filled all the cracks with matching shade. Then we stained the top part of the table and sprayed lacquer for the finish. The legs were also sprayed with white paint two times to have the most flawless finish. 

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