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This is me. Erika Afkar, who restore and re-design all these beautiful furniture. I am fromTehran / Iran, where all my family live in. I born in 16 January 1987 in an artistic family. I remember myself painting and making stuff whenever and wherever I could. 

When I graduated as a computer engineer in Iran, I moved to Plymouth / UK in 2011. I decided to start all over again and study Interior Design in Plymouth University which was an AMAZING experience. 

When I completed my BA, I decided to move to London, A busy & competitive city having so much to talk about. I then started working as an intern for an interior design company for about six months un-paid,  it was a great experience for me.

I remember every time I was walking in the beautiful London city strolling pass designer boutique shops, I would tell myself: "You will have yours soon..."

It was my dream having a boutique shop full of designer furniture and home accessories all of which were designed by myself. 



My next journey was to start my interior designer adventure so I decided to do an MA in Interior Architecture & Design. I believe this was one of the best and life chaging decisions I made in my life. The way I learned how deep you can look at your surroundings and how important is your WAY not only your DESTINATION.

This was absolutley a life changing experience for me. I started looking different at myself, my life and my goals.


I think its time to introduce you all to my babies:

Dolly  - Born in 23 May 2013

Miley - Born in 30 April 2018

They are a joy of my life. I didn't realise how boring life could be without them! Showing me so much love and happiness when I come back home and not to mention the untold kisses and hugs in bed in the morning.

And of course my other baby, my husband, who has been supporting me since the first day we met. We married on 7th February 2020 and we are doing our best to make the most out of this little family.

Now let's talk about  KOUBEH. The only reason I decided to create Koubeh was that I have always seen that there is a big room to improve designing home furniture. 

I believe that there is no end for creativity and art in this world.

So, I decided to show mine...

I love and appreciate handmade furniture, it shows time and effort that has truly gone into every piece. Therefore, I thought, let’s keep the original style and beauty and preserve the material but also the history that resides with each piece. 


So, with this in mind, I started looking for vintage & antique furniture online, at auctions and charities shops - ones that had the most character and then I transformed them but always kept the original features and made sure each piece never lost it’s true identity or soul. 


My aim is to connect the spirit of its traditional style and make it a designer piece by hand painting them, adding different materials such as fabric, brass and using different techniques to create unique textures, patterns and finished to give them a new lease of life!


Thanks For Reading 

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