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Furniture Restoration Services Cowbridge

Enhance Your Home With Koubeh

Koubeh provides furniture restoration services in a wide variety. We are a team of designers and artists and specialise in furniture restoration services Cowbridge. Our company has the latest hand tools and machinery. Our expert craftsmen with having over 40 years of experience use old-time and traditional techniques to repair and restore your furniture. First we  sand down the entire piece, then we start the design process by choosing different wood stain shades and paints as well as designer fabrics and other detailings like brass strips, brass nails etc. Our main aim is to make furniture look more beautiful and unique. We're expert craftsmen, having a desire to deliver astonishing, furniture restoration services Cowbridge that wows our clients and brings endless happiness and amusement to the home. We also decorate and design a complete room for clients looking to redesign their home or give a unique design to their piece of furniture.

Materials used for furniture restoring services

We have a valuable experience on repairing aged wood looking like brand new piece. Moreover, we also have an extensive collection of metal, glass, designer fabrics and brass used to design your furniture. Our experts also use salvaged antique furniture that is used to restore essential pieces of furniture. Thus, by using premium quality materials, we make sure you receive proficient services well suited to your budget. Koubeh has an authentic track record in furniture restoration services Cowbridge that puts on real value. Our experienced team can contentedly expand properties to meet your needs using a selection of alluring materials. For instance, we concentrate on furniture features like home furniture, sideboards, cabinets and chairs etc.


Furniture restoration services that we offer:

• Renovating furniture pieces
• Hand-painting furniture pieces
• Adding any types of fabrics on furniture pieces
• Adding different range of detailing materials
• Replacing broken glass

Moreover, we focus on traditions at our company and restore furniture that reminds us of history that officiates with every piece. We mainly restore traditional furniture because we make skilled craftsmanship, design, and selection of the best quality materials behind every piece of conventional furniture. 

Our services of furniture restoring includes:

We offer high-quality repairing and restoration services and supplies to suit a wide variety of requirements, from bespoke tables and chairs to custom based wardrobes and cabinets. Our main goal is to play a vital role in the success of our company and individual projects. Moreover, we use selected materials for the furniture restoration services. Firstly, after repairing, we offer unique styles and design to you that are different to the ranges you can find elsewhere. Secondly, we provide complete furniture restoration services to Cowbridge and maintain a strong relationship with customers. One of our best services is our vision that supports excellent furniture restoration services all over Cowbridge. We fix all the beautiful furniture by Hand. 


Moreover, our services also include :

• Designer fabric sideboard London
• Commercial furniture services Radlett
• Antique furniture for cafes Radlett

Why Choose Us?

• Team of Professionals: Our services are warranty approved and done by a group of professionals. 
• Products: Our trained experts use safe products to build your furniture.
• Friendly environment: We provide social environment services. As the designing phase is ready to start, we will check every step to satisfy you.
• Convenient: Convenience has our professionals that come to you. In short, please tell us when and where we'll do the rest.
• On-time: We value your time as it is essential to us. We will complete your work on time and provide hassle-free and services of bespoke furniture in London.
• Warranty Approved: safety is our top priority. All the work is done under the supervision of our professionals.

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