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Designer furniture makers London

Best and fast service

Our company works as a leading player in the furniture design market. Our central vision is to offer high-end unique designs. Moreover, handmade furniture is designed by skilled artisans and is of high quality. Our dedication to professional craftsmanship is at the heart of our classic designs. We hope you will enjoy our beautiful designs by seeing our gallery. We are well known for our designing skills.

Furthermore, we also love accepting the challenge of technically complex projects. Our team Workers utilise their creative skills and develop new designs for every type of furniture. We have expert designer furniture makers London. We also have a custom design service meaning that we can re-design your own piece of furniture or what is in your need to however you like. We sit down with you and talk about your home style and your favorite colors and design, then we decide what to do with your piece. We can also provide you some visuals of how the piece is going to loo if you want, which is part of our design process. We also have a decorate and design a complete room service for clients looking to redesign their home as well as give a unique design to their piece of furniture. All our pieces are both fitted and free-standing.

Our unique and high-quality designer furniture is a sign that our handmade furniture is built by expert craftsmen using only the best materials. Every single material we use are high quality. The range of fabrics we use are from designer brands like ‘House of Hackney”, “William Morris design”, “Mairi Helena”, ‘Colefax and fowler’, ‘Boem deaign’ and some others with a rich appearance achieved by layers of textures with a subtle build up of pattern and tonal color. Either it’s a velvet fabric or cotton or any other material, it has the most beautiful finish. You will feel happy after knowing about your purchase, knowing that the design we make is very astonishing. 

• Home furniture
• Restaurants furniture
• Cabinets
• Sideboards
• Chairs
• Tables
• Flower stands
• Hotel lobbies furniture
• Cafes and bars furniture

Type of furniture we design:


Our services for designer furniture includes:

We offer high-quality design furniture making services and supplies to suit a wide variety of requirements, from bespoke sideboards, tables, cabinets, drink cabinets, displa cabinets, coffee table, dining sets and chairs to custom based bedroom furniture like wardrobes and chest of drawers. Our main goal is to play a vital role in the success of our company and individual projects. Moreover, we use selected materials for the design of furniture-making services. Firstly, we make furniture that offers unique styles and designs to you and is different from the ranges you can find elsewhere. Secondly, we provide complete renovation and restoring designs of furniture and maintain a strong relationship with customers. Our experts also work on the design of antique and vintage pieces. One of our best services is our vision that maintains excellent furniture design and upcycling services all over London.

From practical, clean, and simple home furniture to luxurious decorated and Hand-painted designs, call us to see our creations. Sometimes a perfect house is not the best at its first, but we can make it perfect by placing all the bespoke design furniture. Thus, by using premium quality materials, we make sure you receive proficient services well suited to your budget. Koubeh has an authentic track record in developing exclusive furniture design collections in London that put on real value. Our experienced team can contentedly expand properties to meet your needs using a selection of alluring materials. For instance, we concentrate on all furniture features like home furniture, furniture for cafes, bars, restaurants, hotel lobbies, etc. Our company has the best designer furniture design in London.

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Why Choose Us?

• Team of Professionals: Our services are warranty approved and done by a group of professionals. 
• Products: Our trained experts use safe products to build your furniture.
• Friendly environment: We provide social environment services. As the designing phase is ready to start, we will check every step to satisfy you.
• Convenient: Convenience has our professionals that come to you. In short, please tell us when and where we'll do the rest.
• On-time: We value your time as it is essential to us. We will complete your work on time and provide hassle-free and services of bespoke furniture in London.
• Warranty Approved: safety is our top priority. All the work is done under the supervision of our professionals.

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