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Bespoke Furniture Design London

The Best Furniture Company in London: Koubeh is the most
extensive furniture company

Planning, Designing And Building Furniture.

Koubeh has an innovative and passionate team that creates Bespoke furniture design in London. Our furniture collection is tailored to suit your space, whether that's a change in wood finish, paint finish or custom details. Moreover, we focus on traditions at our company and make furniture that reminds us of history that officiates with every piece. We mainly restore and renovate traditional furniture because we make skilled craftsmanship, design, and selection of the best quality materials behind every piece of conventional furniture. 

We're expert craftsmen, having a desire to deliver astonishing, bespoke furniture design London that wows our clients and brings endless happiness and amusement to the home. Our main aim is to make furniture look more beautiful by using various fabrics, textures, colours and by painting them. We also decorate and design a complete room for clients looking to redesign their home or give a unique design to their piece of furniture.

Bespoke furniture is Custom-made furniture according to the specifications of customers. The custom quality can vary from livingroom furniture like chair, table, sideboard, console table to bedroom furniture like bed, headboard, chest of drawer and even other pieces like internal and external doors. Furthermore, bespoke furniture is made entirely from premium finish materials as well as metals and hardwoods. 

Bespoke Furniture 

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Advantages of Bespoke furniture

For example, when using the same fabrics on the bespoke furniture used on the curtains or cushions.

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History of Bespoke furniture

Before the start of the industrial revolution, every object in the house was bespoke. For example, a table may wobble, but it came from the tree you cut down yourself. Bespoke is a word primarily used in a world full of magnificent designs. Bespoke furniture design is basically about creating a product that is mainly related to a customer's requirements.

Our services of Bespoke furniture includes:

Our main goal is to play a vital role in the success of our company and individual projects. Firstly, we offer unique styles to you that are different to the ranges you can find elsewhere. Secondly, we provide complete services of bespoke furniture design in London and maintain a strong relationship with customers. Moreover, we use selected brands for the paint collection, as well as wood finishing products like varnishes, lacquers and oils. One of our best services is our vision that maintains beautiful bespoke designs all over London. 

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Also include

• Hand-painted furniture collection Wilmslow
• Furniture restoring services Cowbridge
• Furniture upcycling services Milltimber

Why Choose Us?

• Team of Professionals: Our services are warranty approved and done by a group of professionals. 
• Products: Our trained experts use safe products to build your furniture.
• Friendly environment: We provide social environment services. As the designing phase is ready to start, we will check every step to satisfy you.
• Convenient: Convenience has our professionals that come to you. In short, please tell us when and where we'll do the rest.
• On-time: We value your time as it is essential to us. We will complete your work on time and provide hassle-free and services of bespoke furniture in London.
• Warranty Approved: safety is our top priority. All the work is done under the supervision of our professionals.

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For cost and availability, check our services areas or call us now.

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