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- Furniture Restoration & Up cycling

- Custom Design Furniture

- Reclaimed Doors & Cabinet

- Furniture Re-upholstery

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At Koubeh we create quality upcycled furniture. Our furniture range are selected antique and vintage pieces which get restored and renewed by our experts. 

We also design quality bespoke furniture that is completely customised to all your requirements from style to any colour, 

finishing and detailing. 


Traditional furniture is often more well-built compared to modern pieces. That is why we deeply believe in preserving the tradition and character of original furniture and using upcycling to save not only the materials, but also the history that presides with every piece.


We begin by choosing pieces of furniture with the most character and then we transition them into new born pieces without losing any of their soul. Our aim is to connect the spirit of its traditional style and make it more contemporary by hand painting them, using different techniques; various colours, textures and fabrics to give them another life to live.


Here you can see a selection of the BEFORE & AFTER of our products showing the complete transformation.

We try to use various technique for each piece of furniture to get the best outcome. This depends mainly on the wood type and its style. 

We have an expert team having years of experience on sanding the vintage and antique furniture to their bur wood and then applying any types of paints, wood stain, wood oil or varnishes and lacquers. We can also apply different fabrics on any pieces to create a unique designer piece of furniture.

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Wood Green Sideboard
Wood Green Sideboard

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Autum Sideboard
Autum Sideboard

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Queen Anne Drinks Cabinet
Queen Anne Drinks Cabinet

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At  Koubeh we also offer to give a new look to your own piece of furniture. This means if you have an idea for your furniture piece and need some help redesigning or renovating it, we can help you to do it. 


Either you can choose which style and effect you would like to be applied on your piece, or we can closely discuss with you about the style and finish and all you would like to be done on your piece of furniture. This is to make sure you absolutely love your piece. Then we will give you an estimation time based on the amount of works needs to be done. Last but not least, we will arrange a delivery of your beautiful redesigned furniture.

You can have a look at our Archive and find out what style and finish you prefer.

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